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The novel "Cat's Eye," by Margart Atwood, is a story in which a young girl, Elaine, grows up tormented by her youth which affects her whole life. Elaine's supposed friends - Cordelia, Grace, and Carol - are sadistic in their ways as they inflict massive psychological damage upon Elaine. It is through these actions that the novel "Cat's Eye" takes upon a feeling of absurdity and impossibility.

Elaine's friends - especially Cordelia - are totally impossible to believe, especially in today's society. It is true that girls are naturally more bitter towards each other than are boys, but not to the extent of Cordelia and Co. The near death of Elaine by the other girls' lies are prime evidence of the cold-blooded nature of these girls. To my knowledge, there are not very many stories of girls, or boys, that go around abusing others for enjoyment.

There is always the classic "bully," but Cordelia, Carol, and Grace are supposed to be Elaine's friend.

Elaine's cat's eye marble acts as a talisman that lets her see the world without having to face its terrors. The metaphor of a cat's eye provides the algorithm for Atwood's art. This is much more believable. It is very conceivable that a human being uses some type of action to suppress their fears or anxiety. Many people use yoga, sports, meditation, or art, like Elaine, to express their feelings in a clean, helpful way. There are more cases of stress and depression than ever before, and having personal problems relates to us all. The key is to deal with them in a healthy, helpful way.

Atwood's use of emotional scaring and healing is one felt with a heavy heart. But, in our everyday lives, it seems as if what happened to Elaine...

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