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Cassius fought with Pompey against Caesar and was pardoned but did not receive Caesars favour .

In the first part of the play there is something in Cassius of the conventional stage Villain, "the evil angel,"the tempter. Already his motives are clear and personal.

Cassius was an intelligent and cunning man through his plots to sway the mind of Brutus in joining him and the conspirators. Cassius in many ways doesn't enjoy life to the full, he doesn't enjoy listening to music or watching plays. Cassius through out the play shows jealousy towards Caesar but he never admits it "did I tired Caesar and this man has now become a god and Cassius is a wretched creature and must bend his body."Caesar mentions to Antony that Cassius never smiles and if he does he mocks himself. "Seldom he smiles, and smilesin such away that as if he is mocking himself."

Cassius seems always to be alert what's going on around him "Cassius will tell us what the matter is." In part of the text he (Cassius) Shows affection towards Casca. "Will you sup with me tonight Casca." Cassius honours Brutus as a gentleman and a warrior through out the play, here he is speaking to Brutus with the Conspirators "Yes every man of them; and no man here but honours you." But sometimes it seems that he is only interested in himself "Cassius from Bandage will deliver Cassius." Once in the play Cassius in the play for the first time ever admits to some of the conspirators that he fears Mark Antony who is a special player in the text "yet I fear him." When Cassius and the conspirators kill Caesar, Cassius does not show remorse but what he does say "Freedom,

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