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Casablanca In watching the film Casablanca, I saw a couple of settings and words that occurred in patterns. One of which was mentioned on the paper that was handed out in class. It has to do with the glassware cracking or breaking during the movie. I noticed that many times when a bad situation would come up a glass would crack or break, adding a little flavor to the scene. Another re-occurring theme was Rick's direct quote Ilsa, "Here's looking at you kid." This seemed to show a point in which Rick and Ilsa fell back in love or shared a romantic moment together. Yet another theme I noticed was the song that was played whenever Ilsa came into Rick's. This song brought back the past for Rick and Ilsa and also reflected a somewhat romantic moment.

In dealing with the binary opposites, I felt that there were many throughout the movie.

I think one of most basic and obvious was control/powerless. The Nazi's had a lot of power during this time and people were lucky to escape without punishment. Another big theme that was mentioned in the paper handout was betrayal/commitment. Rick was committed to no one but himself until he met Ilsa again. He then betrayed Louis, and decided that Ilsa needed what was best, and Louis helped by betraying the Nazi's. This was a long process but Rick felt the best about how the situation turned out in the end.

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