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CARPE DIEM Sinan Alcidde 9/8/01 Myers/ per.3 Carpe Diem. An interesting concept that humans for some reason can not grasp and understand and some even refuse to understand. To me it is plain and simple. Carpe Diem to me means many things such as don't let anybody tell you what you can and can not do, it means to live life one second at a time, and most of all to engulf your heart and blind yourself of the beauties of life.

A wise man once wrote "seize the gifts and opportunities that life has handed and nothing more will be demanded." I truly think that the person who wrote this quote really and truly knew how to live and possibly fulfilled his every desire. More and more people should follow the examples of others that have completed their lives in joy and harmony and to abide to carpe diem.

When I was about the age of four I had gotten ran over by a car and the result of this incident was very traumatic. My skull had fractured due to the incident and I had suffered severe internal bleeding and on top of that I am a hemophiliac and that made the situation almost fatal. I had no insurance because this incident occurred in Turkey and there is no insurance there and so the whole operation costed about $500,000.00. I was in a coma for about 10 days but the doctors had no idea if I was going to come out of it. And there was a very good chance that I would die, but thank god I did come out of it and after that my whole view on life had changed and ever since then I have been living my life to it's fullest potential.


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