Career Of A Fire Fighter

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In the career of fire fighting you face diverse challenges, activities, and situations. Not everybody is cut out for this type of career. You test your physical as well as your mental capabilities under extream pressure and have little room for error. You constantly are putting yourself at risk for the sake of someone elses. They save poeple's lives, there belongings, and if possible there homes.The hours are long and unbarable. the working conditions are tough and dangerous.but there are still over 300,000 fire fjights willing to do this job day in and day out. You are providing your community with a service. Fire fighting is a career that is considered hazardous to your health.

The thing about firefighting is that it isn't like any other job, well not exactly anyway. The working conditions are one of the many grueling parts of this job. You spend most of the time at the station.

Doing chores that never seem to end. In a fire house there is always something to do. For instance after every call the engines, trucks, and ambulances need to be washed and detailed. You also don't work the normal 40 hour week like normal poeple. You put in 50 hour plus. Firemen put in extra time actually fighting fires. they are expected to work holidays. and it dosen't get easier as you move up the promotional latter either. The firemen all the way up to the chief work the same hours. These hours are so bizzare to. There not just 10 hour shifts either. For example a shift could be that you are on duty 24 hours straight then, off 48 hours and then repeat. Or work 14 hour night shifts for 4 or 5 days in a row and then get 4-5 days off then...

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