Capital Punishment

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Pro- Death Penalty An eye for an eye, the possibility for escape and parole, the over crowdedness of the jail cells, and nevertheless the sweet home atmosphere for these criminally. Why should all of this be permissible? First is the case of morality. This is defined as "the principles of right and wrong." We are punished for the extent of the harm. A time out when we were younger for doing something wrong, grounded for getting caught doing something bad as we got older, and then police involvement when we really screwed up. Overall, the punishment must fit the crime. Capital punishment is exactly this. It assures us 100% that the murder will never commit the crime again.

In addition, you have to take in consideration that jails are not as bad as we think them to be. Besides Alcatraz, most jails have air conditioning, cable equipment, free meals three times a day, personal recreation time, and family can visit them often.

This does not sound like too bad of place to go for murdering somebody. The only thing that a jail does is restrains personal freedom, but what the heck; they still have a life, don't they? You also have to take into consideration about the over crowdedness of the jails. It is inevitable that the population will keep increasing, which produces more criminals. Where are we to hold all of these people? It will cause an increases of our tax dollars to hold them in these "sweets." The people against the death penalty will say that it costs more money to kill them. However, it is not the process that costs the most money, it is all of the court system, all of the cases and appeals that costs the thousands of dollars. The overall procedure coasts...

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