Canterbury Tales

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The Knight's Tale shared similarities with the Reeve's Tale and especially the Miller's Tale. These tales along with similarities shared their differences. These factors made these tales very interesting and entertaining to read.

The noble Knight is a notable soldier, gentleman, and idealist. He tells a romantic tale about love and chivalry. However, the Knight does not tell his tale about his own life but about men and women of the past. His tale displays his knighthood by the demonstration of form, honor, code, and ritual. There are three lovers in his tale: Arcita, Palamon, and Emily. Four gods also appear: Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Diana. Palamon, Arcita, and Emily pray to the gods so they can help influence their fate. Conduct is shown when Arcita brought Palamon food, armor, and a sword for their duel. This duel as well as many other happenings in the Knight's Tale reveals the importance of destiny for the Knight.

The Knight's Tale is filled with ideal love, adventure, honor, and chivalry. Vulgarity is not found in the Knight's Tale.

On the other hand, the brawny Miller is a bore not noted for his honesty due to his drunkenness. His tale is comical, immoral and full of vulgarity. The Miller's Tale mocks the chivalry and nobility of the Knight's Tale. In comparison to the Knight's Tale, it shares a three-way love relationship. This relationship is between Nicholas the Gallant, Absalon, and Alison. The window occurrence in this tale can be compared to the duel in the Knight's Tale. In both tales, two men struggle like crazy for the love of the same woman. In the Miller's Tale, misfortunes occur to Nicholas, John the Carpenter and Absalon. The role of destiny, as in the Knight's Tale appears again in the Miller's Tale. Astrology also plays...

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