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Can't Hardly Wait My book revolved around five main characters, Kenny, a white thug who thinks every girl is dying to be with him, Preston, a young writer who has had a crush on Amanda since the ninth grade, Amanda, a senior who has just been dumped by her boyfriend Mike, Mike, is the most popular guy in school, he dumped Amanda because he was going off to college where he thought he would get more girls, and last, is William, a star trek freak who has been ridiculed by mike his whole life, but now, he is gonna seek revenge.

The book begins, as the senior class is just finishing there graduation ceremonies. As Preston and his lifetime friend Denise walk to the front desk to turn in their hat and gowns, Preston inform Denise that Mike has dumped Amanda. Preston has like Amanda since the first day off ninth grade when he noticed that she was eating his favorite pop tart, but Mike Dexter got to her first.

Ever since then, Preston has carried with him the letter, which he was going to give to Amanda. And now was his chance, tonight at Molly's graduation party, he would confess his love to Amanda. Denise simply rolled her eyes and walked to Preston's car.

Meanwhile, Kenny and his "posse"� were busy buying things for the party. Kenny started bragging about how the ladies would be lined up to meet him, but he already had a list of the top ten girls he thought he would be with. His friends just laughed at him.

While everyone else was preparing for the party, William, Geoff, and Murphy were devising a plan to avenge themselves and all the other nerds whom mike had tortured and ridiculed all their lives. William walk through his basement giving his friends examples of things Mike had done to make their live miserable. But tonight was the night they would strike back.

Mike, unaware of the event s about to befall on him, sat in a diner with his fellow jocks eating burgers and drinking beer. Mike was trying to convince his friend to dump their girlfriends too so that they could all go to college single and get all the ladies. His friends enthusiastically agreed with him.

As Preston and Denise walked in to the party, they were greeted by Molly and an enthusiastic girl named Vicki who pleaded with them to sign her yearbook, they did and made their way into the party. Next to arrive was Kenny and his boys, as soon as they got to the door; Kenny began hitting on the ladies, one by one being rejected. Meanwhile, outback, William, Geoff, and Murphy made their way to the pool house to get ready to ruin Mike reputation. While William kept an eye out, Geoff and Murphy climbed to the roof of the pool house. As William began to walk toward the house, Geoff warned William that there would be drinking at the party, and William reassured him that he would be all right. As soon as Amanda walked in, men were already making passes at her, because now that she was single, everyone wanted to be with her.

Mike made his way through the crowd trying to find his friends, when he did, they were all still with their girlfriends, this made Mike furious, because they had all made a deal to dump their girls. The guys all started making excuses, but Mike just went to find Amanda. He had realized his mistake in dumping her, and was going to try and get her back.

Preston's letter had already made it way to Amanda, but with out him now in it, he had seen what he thought was her kissing another man, and figured he was wasting his time, so he threw away the letter and left the party, and through and strange sequence of events, the letter got to Amanda.

When mike finally found her, he begged and pleaded with her to take him back, but she refused him, everyone at the party went quiet and watch them, Amanda started to go off on Mike, when he made the comment "who's gonna want you now?"� When Amanda was finished, everyone started to laugh at Mike because he had just been made a fool of.

While driving away, Preston heard the song "Mandy"� by Berry Manilow for the third time that night, and thought it might be a sign, so he returned to the party. He went straight to Amanda and told her how he had felt about her for the past four years. When he was finished, she began to yell at him, she didn't know that it was Preston, but she was mad because she had been single for now more than 8 hrs. and every guy was trying to get with her. Preston figured that his chances with Amanda were pretty much blown now, so he got in his car and left for good.

Meanwhile, Kenny having had now luck with and of the girls on his list, ended up being with Preston's friend Denise. They used to be friends from elementary school through middle school, but when high school started, they never spoke. But now they were a couple.

Williams, plans was working out pretty good so far, but when him and Mike went to the pool house, Geoff and Murphy accidentally jumped both William and Mike, they stripped them both down to their underwear and took some incriminating pictures of them together, they never knew that it was William until they shined the flashlight on them.

The next day, both Mike and William woke up in jail, Mike had lied to the police and said that he had gotten William drunk and forced him to do those things. William went along with the story and got out of jail.

Preston was getting ready to bored a train to leave for college when Amanda ran up behind him and apologized to him, for what happened, so Preston took a later train, and him and Amanda became a couple.

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