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Thoughts on "Dave" Synopsis of Film: Dave never realized he would have the opportunity to serve all Americans until he is chosen to be the stunt man of US president. The only reason is he looks very like the US president Mitchell. Actually, Mr. President is a sanctimonious hypocrite person, he stroke while flirting with his secretary .Bob, the chief officer of White House, does not want the vice president to take over the position. So he plotted to let Dave act as the president for several months. However, Dave made an excellent job on the position, and he frustrated the scheme of Bob with the help of the first lady. Dave succeeded to find his ordinary life again, and he fond his love.

Analysis of Common Issue Category 1) Conflict of Interest The film Dave is full of the conflicts of different groups of people, I classify them into three, the first small group is Bob and his subordinates who plotted to utilize Dave to prevent the vice president to take over the power, they designed the scheme for the purpose of power and wealth.

The mere principle of them is their self-interest, and they will do whatever to eradicate person or things that will possibly block them. E.g. when they find that Dave is not with them, they even plan to murder him.

The second party is Dave, the first lady-Ellen and their loyal friends. Although they were involved in this struggle without preparation, they came to know their responsibility gradually, and decide to work together to stop Bob.

The last but not least important group is those ordinary Americans, including those government staffs as well as the vice president who did not know the truth. They felt that something is abnormal, but they had no idea...

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