Brave New World

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Brave New World In the furturistic story Brave New World society as know it is gone; It has become a society that is governed by drugs (soma) and by technology. In this utopian society there is no pain, fear, war, hate, or love, instead there is only the happiness. In doing so the civilized people have giving up all human emotion.

They are just like robots, they have no real feelings. Soma is the drug that the whole civilized World takes, they take the drug to avoid problems and emotion. Technology also plays a part in the story. It conditions people to be happy and to do one thing in life (be a slave). There are Deltas, Betas, Gammas, Alphas, each one is programmed to do a certain job. In this society People are not born anymore but instead they are made in test tubes. In this new world is it really a utopia or a prison.

In this utopian world there are not more problems of the past instead it is perfect to the people. Life is easy for people in Brave New World, they do not fight with each other over friends women because everyone belongs to everyone, so if want to have sex with some one you just go and have sex with them. When they feel a little stress they take soma to take it away. The New world is dependant on the drug soma and does not fuction wtih out the drug. When a trip to the Savage reservasion goes bad two of the main Characters Bernard and Lenina meet John Savage and his mom. John and his mom go back to the new world with Bernard and Lenina. John is in the new world for a little while and realizes that it is...

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