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Brave New World In Brave New World, Huxley uses distorted versions of sexual relationships, drug usage, and mental conditioning to create a virtual world, void of human feelings.

Sexual relationships in Brave New World are based totally on promiscuity, and not on any type of family life. Family life is prohibited, and is not needed. Children are conditioned, not raised. Sex is only for pleasure, and it is impure to only have sexual relations with one woman. People are not sterilized, though, and women are capable of giving birth; yet they are conditioned to use birth control. Reproduction is based in a laboratory, and new members of society are produced using Bokanovsky's process, which makes "clones" or "squads" of people. As the caste system dictates, the lower classes are the ones that are "split" the most, and the higher classes are not "split" at all, to ensure intelligence.

The upper classes are the Alphas and the Betas, and the lower classes are the Delta, Gamma and Epsilons.

Drug usage is a key element in Brave New World. People are raised on drugs, and are dependant on them to keep them going. They use drugs to pass the dull time, or go on "vacations" including "orgy-porgies," where the point was to be with more than one woman, or else be ridiculed. Drug usage is a staple of society, and is important to their way of life.

Mental conditioning is a must, in order for their society to function. People are conditioned to only like others in their caste. They are also conditioned to maintain their jobs. Various treatments are given to them to ensure that they maintain their social order, and perform the duties well. Children are conditioned to the fact that sleeping with more than one woman is desirable, and a needed part of society. They are also conditioned to use birth control so that no unauthorized births occur.

In Huxley's novel, Brave New World, various methods are used to twist the reader's mind into thinking in a different way. Mental conditioning, sexual promiscuity and drug usage are only three of many different ways he uses distortion to make the reader think this way.

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