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It all started in Ireland in the year of 1845, where a young lad named Scotty Staunton lived. Scotty lived on a potato farm with his parents, where he helped to maintain the crops. Scotty was only ten when he started to help in the farm, but now he was fourteen. Later that year reports flew around town that blight had affected many of the town's potatoes. Scotty and his father went out to the field later that day only to find out that their potatoes were also infected. The potatoes were rotting and disintegrating"¦ nothing could be done. There was no food in the house for months, and the family was only surviving off of water that was held in a well, and scraps of bread that they had been saving since blight hit their farm. The bread had mold on it and was not very healthy to eat, but to keep the family from starving to death they had to eat it.

Soon the bread was gone, and the water was slowly growing small. Many families throughout Ireland were dying of starvation, and if things didn't improve in Scotty's town, so would they. One afternoon while Scotty, his father, and his mother were sitting in their kitchen, Scotty asked, "Father, are we going to die?" "Why do you ask?" his father replied. Scotty said, "Because we haven't eaten for weeks, and our last meal was a piece of molded bread and a sip of water. Now, the bread is gone and the water is near its end as well." "Scotty, when you drink water, how does it taste?" his father asked. Scotty cried, "Father, water tastes like nothing." "For now on when you drink water, imagine it were the greatest meal you have ever had!" Exclaimed his father. "Why?" Scotty asked. "Because if you don't do that, you will die. You must imagine this because by doing so, you will feel replenished and full", said his father. Scotty took his father's advice and began to saver his sip of water. His father, however, didn't take his own advice and starved to death. Later that year, his mother passed away as well. Scotty was all alone from that point on.

The Journey Scotty was only fourteen when his mother and father died, and from then on he had to learn how to survive on his own. There was no water left in the well, and the bread was long gone. Scotty was forced to leave the farm where he had lived forever. Scotty said his goodbyes to the farm and hit the dirt road, headed for the west. He carried only a compass on his journey. Little did Scotty know, he was headed for a savage warrior tribe, which was located in the west side of the forest. Scotty was going full force toward the tribe.

It was a mere two days since Scotty left his family's farm, and already he was getting cramps from starvation. Scotty climbed short trees and grabbed wild berries and leaves to eat. The food did little good. Scotty remembered what his father told him about drinking the water and getting full off of it. He put it into use with the berries. Scotty was still on course to meet the savage tribe, and at his pace it would only be a matter of days.

Meeting the Savage Tribe A day after remembering what his father had told him, Scotty caught a glimpse of the savage warrior tribe. Seeing the tribe, Scotty rejoiced. He thought of this as a chance to be fed real food. Scotty ran to the tribe, shouting "Alas, alas!" Hearing this, the warriors of the tribe prepared for battle by pulling out the steel edged spear. "Get em!" shouted the chief. The warriors rushed to the spot of the sound, only to see a little boy crouching behind a bush. One warrior returned to the chief saying, "Master, it is only a boy. What should we do with him?" The chief responded, "Bring him to me!" So the warriors grabbed Scotty and brought him to the chief. "What are you doing here, boy?" asked the chief. Scotty responded by saying, "I saw your tribe from a distance, and I am in desperate need of food, so I thought that you might be able to feed me." "Me feed you? Heh! Take him away, boys. You know what to do with him," said the chief. The group of warriors took Scotty to a pit where a fire blazed. The warriors picked up Scotty in order to place him on the pit to burn him to death. But all of a sudden, a mystic blur appeared before the warrior's eyes. The warriors dropped Scotty after being blinded. Scotty laid on the floor in astonishment of what just occurred. He was too scared to run, or for that matter even move. The warriors screamed in pain. Hearing a scream, the chief came running from the tribal headquarters. He walked over to a blinded warrior, and asked, "What has happened?" The warrior proclaimed, "We did just as you asked, but as we were about to place the boy on the pit, some sort of blur crossed our eyes and blinded us!" The chief fell to his knees in awe. "If what you are saying is true, then we have been blessed, just as my great grandfather predicted years ago!" cried the chief. Yelling in pain, the blinded warrior asked, "Why is that, my lord?" "Because this is the boy that we have been waiting for since the time of our forefathers. They have predicted that these series of events would happen"¦ and if they would happen, as they just did, we would know that we must name the person our leader!" cried the chief.

Soon after the chief proclaimed this, the blinded warriors arose from the floor. Miraculously they were healed, just as their forefather's had predicted as well. The chief ran to Scotty and helped him up off of the floor. He ordered his warriors to lift Scotty onto their shoulders and take him to the headquarters where they immediately crowned him the new chief. Scotty reigned as chief for many decades and led the warriors into a prosperous new century.

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