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Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya Plot Summary: This story follows a short time in the life of Antonio Luna Marez and an old curandera, Ultima, that is staying with his family.

Major Conflict and Resolution: There are three major conflicts. The outward conflict is between Ultima and Tenorio. It is resolved when Tenorio kills Ultima's owl, and Ultima dies. The other two are inner conflicts within Antonio: one is whether he is a wandering Marez, or a farming Luna. This isn't really resolved, except that Ultima tells him that he can be both. The other one is whether he should believe in God, or the Golden Carp. Again, this isn't really resolved, but towards the end, Tony start leaning towards the Golden Carp.

Theme: A young boy discovering himself.

Major Characters: Ultima: Ultima is a curandera. She is very old, and came to live with Antonio's family because she could not live on her own.

She has an owl this is sort of like her guardian spirit. She taught Tony about herbs, and was often accused of being a witch.

Antonio: Antonio is a six year old boy, who is torn between his mother and his father, whether to be a farmer-priest, or a wandering Marez. He learns witnesses four deaths (Narciso, Lupito, Ultima, and Florence), and begins to question God towards the end of the book.

Antonio's Mother (Luna): Antonio's mother never liked the people on the Ilano, and has always wanted a settled life. She lost her three oldest sons to the Marez blood, and wants her youngest boy to be a Luna, and a farmer priest. She's very steeped in custom, and always addresses Ultima formally.

Antonio's Father (Marez): Antonio's father misses the Ilano. He is a wanderer, and dreams of moving to California with his...

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