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My favorite outdoor experience is when I go Camping. When I go camping I usually go with my cousin Corey. Well this year I went with Corey and his parents we had a blast. We got to rent boats and go out fishing. We went out on the lake in a boat together he was fishing and I was rigging up my fishing pole, and the next thing I knew he was yelling because he told me that he had a fish on there that was so big that it was bending his pole the he got it reeled in and there was this little tiny fish on there.

When we had gone back to shore we told his step Dad about his huge fish and he laughed for like ten minutes straight. The next day we got up and he didn't want to go fishing he wanted to go to the arcade and play games.

We went up to the Arcade and then we played air hockey He beat me twice, and I beat him four times. Then Corey went to play a hunting game, and he played it for like a half an hour until the thing stopped working. Then Corey didn't want to do anything but go back to the campsite. I think what had happened was the game got to full of money. Then we went back to the campsite and then Corey wanted to go swimming. We had this big inner tube we took it with us swimming and then we these hot girls. They came by my cousin and he was flirting with them Fahrenheit

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