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When making deliveries, a UPS deliverer must be wary of his attire. A UPS uniform must consist of the coffee-colored uniform, shirt and shorts, black socks, tennis shoes, and a very fashionable hat. With that, it is wise to bear a secure Kevlar vest. The true meaning behind the phrase, "don't shoot the messenger," does come into effect. Although being a UPS worker has its benefits, it is also plagued with a responsibility to effective customer service. In this field of work, you will be shot at but must overcome in order to deliver.

As I entered an enormous brown truck bearing the notorious UPS logo with my favorite delivery man, James Shweppe, I noticed that he was all fired for an enjoyable morning at work. As a part-time worker for UPS, James earns hourly wages of $9.50 working 3 ½ to 5 hours a day. Along with these relatively impressing wages comes a solid benefits package comprising of paid holidays and vacations, a comprehensive medical package, a 401k, a and most importantly to James, a student loan program.

After taking 30 minutes to prepare the truck for operation by loading packages and fueling up at the UPS gas station, James took off to another days work. This day was different from the rest however; he had a civilian in the truck. He promised to be extra careful.

After about 15 minutes of obeying traffic signals, James had finally entered his UPS-given route. This route covers the primary area, which includes department stores, retail stores, enclosed businesses, and residential areas that the given UPS worker will deliver to in a day. To keep track of where to go at any given time, the UPS worker is given a chart and road map including a GPS tracking device which gives the operator maximum tracking ability. Along with this comes a chart of stops to make for the day on a clipboard and also programmed into a 5-pound digital satellite-fed electronic package tracker. With this, the operator is enabled to scan barcodes and digitally send satellites information that can be beamed back down to a UPS postal station where they can manage and track products that are being shipped.

Soon, the UPS deliverer arrives to a clients home. Here, he can pick up and resend shipments to their specified destination. Unfortunately, human error is a common occurance. Although it is no fault of the UPS deliverer that these errors occur, he is commonly takes full blame. Soon the UPS might find himself in apartment complexes delivering to second and third story apartments requiring him to take two flights of stairs up and talk to his recipient. At first, he troubles himself with the idea of leaving the package and walking away. Knowing that the recipient might notify his superiors, he rings the doorbell. Then, the trouble begins. Why did the package come so late? Why is the package so beat up, it better not be broken? None of these questions are related to the job of the UPS man. He takes the blame and leaves humbly with a "good-bye." After a few moments. The UPS deliverer comes to the next stop and finds himself in business complexes. Obviously, he cannot enter through the main entrance so he must move his truck to the back of the retail stores. There he talks to the superintendent in charge of managing deliveries and unloads his packages. Large businesses usually end up having lots to ship so the UPS man has his work cut out for him. Not only does he have to load the boxes, he must devise a plan to organize the boxes. Otherwise to much space will be taken up preventing other shipments from fitting in the truck.

Finally, he meets with those who "shoot the mess Oxoacids HClO4, perchloric acid HNO3, nitric acid HClO3, chloric acid HNO2, nitrous acid HClO2, chlorous acid HClO, hypochlorous acid H3PO4, phosphoric acid H3PO4, phophorous acid H2SO4, sulfuric acid H2SO3, sulfurous acid H2CO3, carbonic acid Organic Acids HCOOH, formic acid CH3COOH, acetic acid C6H5COOH, benzoic acid

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