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The Canterbury Tales is Geoffrey Choucer's most magnificent piece. It tells of a group of people on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Sain Thomas a Becket. The travelers tell stories to past time. Chaucer does a wonderful job of describing each of the characters.

One of the travelers is a Knight. He is a modest man, devoted completely to what he does. The Knight is used to traveling, haveing traveled all over the world and been in several battles.

The Knight brought his son with him, a fine young Squire. He was young, around 20 years old. The Squire had curly locks is equipped with agility and strength. Unlike the picture you derive from most warriors the Squire is different. He sets a calmer picture being deeply in love and writes songs and poems. He is a clean cut man, along with being courteuos, lowly, and serviceable.

The Squire brought with him a Yeoman.

The Yeoman wore a coat and a hood of green. He carried with him peacock-feathered arrows at his belt and a bow in his hand. The Yeoman is a proper forester with his capabilities and description.

Chaucer wrote of a Nun. The Nun was a very proper and well schooled lady. She was very pretty with grey eyes and a simple smile. Her manners surpassed excellent and she was very friendly as well. Her sensitivity towards animals is very apparent in Chaucer's writing. She brought with her another nun and three priests as well.

There was a Monk. The Monk was not quit that of what you would expect either. He is a hunter who cares much about what he does. He is a rather large man and a little greasy looking. The monk is easy going though, letting go of the past and ready for the future. He tended to ignore the strict rules he was faced with.

Last there was a Friar. He is a very merry and festive man. He could be mellow, beloved, and intimate.

He was capable of taking confessions, yet a begger by proffesion and very good at it.

The travelers on this pilgrimage grow with each other. They share stories of their past and trust with there new friends This is Geoffrey Chauser's masterpiece. A masterpiece of one of the best poets of the English language.

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