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As Mindy and I strolled to the dock, her long blonde hair flew gracefully behind her. As we kept walking, everyone?s heads turned and we both knew why. Mindy is six-foot-one with guns for arms, a large pouchy stomach, and giant long legs. She could probably take any man there and even said so herself. She turned her head from side to side looking at everyone?s disgraceful looks. She then turned to me and said ?Damn I?m sexy,? as we walked onto the dock.

When I first met Mindy, her confidence in herself, despite her flaws was the first thing that made an impression on me. But I never thought we would get as close as we did because she was the complete opposite of me. She was boyish, often crude, and she never seemed to care how her hair was or what she wore. I was girlish, obsessing over my looks and always soft-spoken and polite.

Everything that I thought was important, she found pointless. Maybe that is what drew me to her, our differences. But for whatever reasons, she changed me in ways I never thought were possible.

?Your beautiful.? Mindy said to me one day. She knew that was exactly what I needed to hear. I had been modeling for a while and my self-esteem was shot because no matter what I did, there were always the derogative comments from agents and other models. I was always too fat by their standards, when in reality I was underweight. Mindy saw this and saw how I was hurting myself trying to be what the agents wanted. She couldn?t stand it any longer and finally ended up giving me the most important advice.

?You don?t have to be what they want you to be. To me, your perfect, fat in all. Just joking.? She said trying to lighten my mood. ?If they can?t accept you for who you are, you don?t have to change for them. No one is perfect, and no one should expect you to be. You have to love yourself, flaws in all, before you can get anywhere in life.? From that point on, I decided modeling wasn?t worth hurting my body for and decided to follow her advice and learn to love myself. I still have concerns, but if a person doesn?t like me for them, I think of Mindy and just think how insecure they are to be judging me.

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