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It was in late October during our 8th game of the football season. I had just returned three games prior to this one, from a recent shoulder injury. We were only about two minutes into the game when it happened. The ball was snapped, I took off running around the left side of the line, and there ahead of me was nothing but open field. I tucked the ball tight in my arms and charged up field at full speed. It was then that I realized that I was not alone out there. I looked to my left and saw two men screaming towards me. Then I glanced to my right and realized that there was another person there. All four of us collided and I went down in a hurry. As I fell I realized that there was this great pressure on my ankle. Then as soon as I hit the ground I felt a tremendous pop.

The first thought that ran through my mind was "oh my ankle finally popped." However, after the play was over, I tried to stand and quickly fell back to the ground. I then quickly fell back as the worst thought popped into my head. "Oh my gosh, my ankle is broken," I thought in a panic. When I stared down at it, nothing appeared wrong (accept of course the swelling). As I slowly reached my feet, I tried to put weight onto my ankle. I realized then that I could only put about ten pounds of pressure onto my ankle. I hobbled off the field and immediately asked the trainer to tape my ankle so that I would be able to go back in.

After he finished, I hopped up and tried to walk around a little. The pain...

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