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Parents you can't live without them. They are two humans who raise you and love you. They are your closest relatives. Some kids may have just have a parent.

They are always there for you. They are your mom and dad.

Some parents have gray hair, some lack or blond and some are bald. Some parents are young while others are old. Parents can be tall, short, skinny or wide.

Most parents with kids around the age of 16 have wrinkled skin. Some may look scary and some may look young by dying their hair.

Parents can be found in many places. They could be at their sister's or brother's house, they could be at the mall, they could even be at the hospital. But most of the time, parents are found either at work or at home.

Parents take very good care of you.

They also buy you lots of cloths and lots of cool stuff. They are always there when you need help the most. They provide you food, a house or rent, heat/warmth and a car.

Parents are the coolest and are the greatest because after reading this essay over. They take care of you so when you get mad at your parents, later you will find out that you got mad at them because they made a decision. Which is a good source of conflict.

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