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Every year thousands of students graduate from high school with a thought of success by getting a diploma. They might have considered as awarded with that; however, some cannot use it for their future because of having it without learning basic skills. Besides blaming anything or anyone like an inadequate educational system, they have to blame themselves if they left school without having learned basic skills. I think we cannot only victimize the educational system that students, parents, and the society is also a factor for leaving the school without learning basic skills.

How can you blame on educational system if you do not study or try to learn it by yourself. Of course some reasons can reduce your learning performance but not at all. Another thing is our parent. I think the first education and learning the basic skills start at home with our parents, and kids follow the way they have learned.

So it is parent's responsibility that they should motivate their kids and even also force them to learn basic skills. The last thing is society. It is their shame to accept those kids into the society without basic skills. Most of us refrain from the society that we obey its rules. If society put a certain rule for the basic skills, most of us accept it.

If we get in deeper, there is also one major reason for this. After a certain age people should decide their own things, which will affect their future life such as studying, working, and improving him/herself. No one can take care of yourself but you. Didn't we tell our parents that we are not kids any more; we can decide our own things? Saying only that also shows that we have grown and came to a certain age that we know what is right and wrong. Furthermore, students also know that studying and learning also improve themselves. Most of us start majoring in high school for our future and know that learning the basic skills and also more will help us later.

Whatever we have, whatever we deserve. Can you find anybody after it happened? If so, what can you do besides blaming. You spent time and might also get that meaningless diploma without learning basic skills. Why did you spend that time if you cannot use that diploma in your life, or why can't you use that diploma if you spend time on it? How about the age? Can you start doing or learning again? It looks almost impossible to go for it again because after a certain age none of us want to do that.

Students have no one to blame but themselves because that is all they deserve after their performance. No one first blame others than him/herself. Even if you are a victim of an inadequate educational system, I do not think that instructors are forcing students not to study. Studying and learning first start with the students' desire. If you have a desire to do something, no matter what, you can accomplish it.

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