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My Turning Point As I reflect upon the time when I was twelve years old and still living in Taiwan and speaking my native tongue, not knowing what was about to happen to me. My dad decided to bring my family to the United States of America. Once I arrived at the airport, I noticed people here spoke a different language that is English. I felt nervous since the day I know I will be study in United States of America. After the following month, my parents had enrolled me in the Longden Elementary School. I was very frightened because I did not know how to speak, read or write English. Yet I knew that if I wanted to succeed and learn in this country I would better study hard and work hard on writing English.

During my school years I was always struggled to write English because all of my friends were Chinese, and we only spoke our native language with each other rs.

Also, I had never wanted to watch any American television shows, news, or cartoons. All I had done was write letters and mailed it to my classmates at Taiwan. I found out that was the reason why my English still not as good as others. One day, my ESL (English Second Language) teacher assigned us to write an essay on "My Favorite Subject", my brain was out of idea. At the time, I wanted nothing more than just to get off from school. However, I started to draw dolls or stars on the back of my paper, because I just couldn't think of anything to write. Suddenly, I heard Mrs. Howard shouted out my name, "Linda, what are you doing? How many words have you write so far?" I was nervous and...

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