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Should Art be Continued in Education? We as humans cannot outrun a cheetah; we cannot swim like a shark and we cannot swing from the trees like a primate. However, we possess one quality that stands out among creatures because most other animals don't possess it although there are some exceptions like Koko the ASL primate who was taught to sign by humans. We do everything else like the other animals: we seek out our own mate, we live in communities and find food, but it is that special ability that sets us apart from the rest of the creatures on earth. The ability that is being reflected is the fact that humans use words to communicate with each other (Thomas).

The advancement of these abilities is one of the highest human achievements. Not only is this an achievement to be recognized for our species but it is an accomplishment in education.

People are concerned with literacy and behavior because it surrounds humans on an everyday basis. Although literacy is important, it is not the only thing that makes people think (Getty).

Art has accompanied us throughout all of history and art should stay with us far into the future. Art instruction should not stop at the elementary school level but be continued in education through high school and college. It is not something just to be admired and looked at. There are a lot of emotions, expressions and meaning behind different works. Art should be included in education for a few simple reasons (Eisner).

First, Art teaches an important history lesson. At a time when technology was not as advanced as it is today, paintings and drawings were used to show situations such as wars, relationships, and criminals. Studying these drawings can help to broaden one's understanding...

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