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Araby Dissappointment comes to us all in some form and at sometime in our lives.

Handling dissappointment and applying what we have learned from a failed expectation is what is most important. People are bound to fail sooner then later. In the short story Araby, the narrator's attraction of a girl leads us on a journey that ends up in defeat.

Through the use of symbolism we see the obvious destruction of the narrator and his overblown expectations that lead him on a journey to no where. James Joyce the author of this story uses symbolism to tip the reader into seeing that failure is close by. "North Richmond Street, being blind, " The very first sentence totally mirrors the boy and his own blindness of reality. The uninhabited house on the end of the street also connects in that it was at blind end of the street. This kind of begining foreshadows the boy and his own blindness of reality.

The boy is very confused and has a addiction to Mangan's sister. Even to the fact that he follows her everyday to school.

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