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Apollo 13Apollo 13 is a movie about a guy named Jim Lovell who has dreamed of going to space ever since he was a teenager. It all begins when Jim comes home from work telling his wife, Marilyn, he was accepted for the mission to the moon. About a week before takeoff, one of the crew members, Ken, was exposed to the measles. He was told he couldn't go on the flight because he might get sick. On the day of the launch, Jim, Jack, and Fred, the crew of Apollo 13 was off to see the moon. Apollo 13 was so close to landing on the moon, but there was an explosion. The systems were all shut down, they were running out of oxygen, they were freezing to death, and they lost their guidance. For the past three days, the entire world was watching and praying that the men came back home safely.

A week had past and nothing had changed. Back home in Houston, the crew did everything they could think of to save the lives of the three men. Another day passed and finally Apollo 13 was back on earth again. Even though Jim Lovell wasn't able to set foot on the moon, he was glad he was back home to see his family. Not too long after the mission, Gene retired and Ken took his place. Jack died of cancer and Apollo 13 was the last trip to outer space for Jim.

I think Apollo 13 was a really good movie. I liked it because in the movie, Tom Hanks wants to meet his goal and someday I would like to do the same as him. The movie inspires people to do what they want to do and to work really hard to reach their...

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