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When I was a young girl living in Harwich, Massachusetts, at the elbow of Cape Cod, I would often bike to Wychmere Harbor on the weekends to go boating or scuba diving with my dad. But it wasn't the activities with my father that caused my eagerness to be at the harbor, it was the feeling of being there.

Wychmere Harbor was breathtaking even for a person who has lived half of their life there. The harbor was always filled with people no matter what hour of the day it was. I always got up early in the morning with the avid fishermen just to sit at the edge of a dock and watch the reddish- orange sunrise gradually make its way up over the horizon. Tiny dots of fishermen boats lazily bobbing on the water always made me smile. The strong smell of fish and salt from the ocean mixing together created a scent only fishermen and ocean lovers could appreciate.

Wychmere Harbor was always busy despite the calmness it reflected. Fishermen in twos or threes would be dragging nets on long poles swung out on either side of their boats. People would be chatting away on the docks about the latest gossip. The harbormaster was always around, appearing from one dock to another, telling people to bring their boats on the next dock and informing others about the conditions of the water. It was sometimes a dizzying sight, but still beautiful.

I would always walk around on the docks barefoot because it always gave me a feeling of oneness. The dock was old, yet sturdy because of the many times is was rebuilt. White boats lined both sides of the dock. Gulls swooped and soared above the harbor itself and some gulls skimmed the water, cutting furrows on the water surface. One could get lost in sights like those. I often did. Sometimes I would study one thing in the harbor and just get completely lost in it. I was in my own little world. The harbor did that to people. It felt as if I was apart from America.

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