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Animals Rights & Their Impact on American Society By Bonnie Heather Harrison Can't you just picture it? Our founding fathers, sitting side by side, along a massive oak table, arguing over the rights American citizens should have. And finally they come upon an agreement, and that agreement was that ""¦all men are created equal." But didn't they forget about something, or someone? Are only human beings allowed the right for freedom, liberty and justice? I think not! Our neglect for animals and their rights as human beings is deplorable, and I believe respect for animals, as human beings is vital.

Animals have children, just like people. They have to eat, just like people. They have to sleep, just like people. And just as people do, they need respect. Tom Regan, author of the book The Case For Animal Rights, has this to say about the respect given to animals in the U.S.

"The (animal) rights view is not anti-business, not anti-freedom, not anti-science, not even antihuman. It's simply pro justice, insisting the scope of justice will be seen to include respect for animal rights."(Regan 96) In relationship with his quote, his book also has this to say about respect. According to the "Universal Declaration of the Rights of Animals" the four general rights that animals possess are as follows. 1) All animals are born with equal claim on life and the same rights to existence. 2) All animals are entitled to respect. Man, as an animal species shall not inhumanly exploit other species. All animals have the right to the attention care and protection of man. 3) All animals have the right to liberty in their own environment, weather land, air, or water, and should be allowed to procreate. 4) No animals shall be ill-treated or be subjected to...

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