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Analysis of The Gold Rimmed Spectacles The Gold Rimmed Spectacles shows us not only the downfall of a respectable homosexual doctor in Ferrara through the eyes of the 20-year old narrator, but also deals with many social issues- in particular, the limitations of tolerance and the theme of inconstancy. The novella is critique of Ferraran society- initially from the inside and then as the object of exclusion- from a unique perspective that allows us to get an insight to the Ferraran society, but also to society in general.

Signora Lavezzoli, one of the primary representations of society, shows how easily people can be influences and illustrates how fragile tolerance is. Enough people like Signora Lavezzoli are all that is necessary for acceptance and even encouragement of the Holocaust. Cenzo, the news vendor, shouts about impending measures against the Jews the same way he shouts football scores, showing how society just accepted what was to happen.

Society soon becomes intolerant of the Jews and the limitations and fragility of tolerance is one of the key issues in the novella.

Betrayal and inconstancy are also primary themes in the novella, as both Dr. Fadigati and the narrator become outcasts. For Dr. Fadigati, this reaches its climax when the dog leaves him, and when Nino joins the Facist Party the narrator is truly isolated. Society has "˜betrayed' both the doctor and the Jews.

The novella The Gold Rimmed Spectacles explores different facets of Ferraran society, spanning many social issues. On a very superficial level, it is a criticism of a society which frivolously casts away one of its own, but deals with issues and characters more profoundly than such an analysis would suggest.

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