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American Psycho American Psycho released by Lions Gate Film directed by Mary Harron and starring Christian Bale, Jared Leto, William Dafoe and Chole Segvay. American Pyscho is film about greed, power, vanity and how a psycho killer views the life. Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman a man who spends hours on his physical appearance but does not communicate on any emotional level. Bateman is a character who tries to realize who he is and what he feels by inflicting pain upon others. Christian Bale delivers a fabulous performance and Marry Harron brings a unique style to the screen. Through all the gratutatis violence and horable deeds commited by Bateman a bitting sarcasm shows it self. The dark drama and the dark comedy are so well blended that your not sure whether to laugh or recoil in horror.

We start the movie off with black credits on the left of screen while on the right a red liquid drips down.

As the pool of red collects, growing larger and larger. The camera pans back and reveals a red berry sauce being served on a stark white plate over a nice little meal at an expensive restaurant. Inside that restaurant we meet high power, 80's yuppie Patrick Bateman. The anti-hero. Patrick Bateman is a respected Wall Street businessman by day. Outside of work, though, he is an accomplished serial killer. After the murder of a rival businessman, Paul Allen (Jared Leto), private investigator (Willem Dafoe) starts to pick up his trail as Bateman starts to go mental in covering his tracks. The movie puts us in the mind of a mad man, Patrick Bateman, who's telling us his story. Identity is a hard thing to come by in his Wall Street world. Thus he kills. Work, living address, clothes, restaurants frequented and...

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