American Ideals Of Freedom

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America is a country of the free. Other coutries are do not share this freedoms. Americans have many freedoms including Freedom OF Expression, Freedom to Achieve, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Travel, and Free to Love. These are five of many freedoms we have.

Freedom of Expression is showinf how we as indivduals express ourselves from clothinng to hair cuts. We have the choice to how dress to show how we feel. This is important to people.

Freedom to Achieve is being able to compete with other Americans. It doesn't have be one race or reglion its all americans competing on teams. Americans compete to win and be susseful.

Freedom of Speech is to say what needs to be heard freely. Its a right to have conversing in public. Citizens talk is important though Communication. Speech is expressed from citizens to potical figures.

Freedom to travel is expoloring and having leisure activities.

Familes travel all over the nation to have fun and be intrgued by the sights of the country. Thousands of americans go to the beaches coast to coast. Travel is done by all citizes.

The fifth freedom mentioned was freedom of love. Americans choicing to have marriage to who ever they want with mixed backgrounds is fine, if you love the person. Freedom of love is strong, but most marriage in America is to create families.

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