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Back in Connecticut, twenty minutes from the New York border, I've lived with my family for the last twenty-some years. The biggest population boom we experienced in our small, suburban town was solved with a traffic light, and no one has heard of the "big dig", Boston's favorite controversy. One of the first stories I heard in college came from a friend giving me directions to a pub downtown. His directions seemed logical enough until we reached the "dig". I tried my best to comprehend the twisted wreckage that was the path I'd be driving in a few minutes, but failed to attempt it on my own. After requesting the guide he arrived at our doorstep several minutes later to lead us back through the dig from our home, Huntington Avenue. It is a tremendous site with numerous impressive projects of varying size and stature being completed simultaneously by thousands of engineers and builders.

It was a fascinating look inside the guts of a city and completion was just a dream, impossible, ever. Here we are, four years later, and the process has suffered frustrating administrative shortcomings coupled with spectacular land development, which seems to compensate for the delay and scandal (the land development has compensated in terms of visual progress observed by both myself, others, and local news reports. The bridge has taken shape with several pieces of section coming to port on a daily basis. Several labor issues have since been squashed by flexible unions and government leading to a minimum amount of downtime.

The operations side of the project is both vast and intricate. Both management and the front end of this operation are highly skilled and experienced in this type of production. There are several key technologies utilized in the dig that are critical...

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