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We live in a two-bedroom apartment in which one room is shared by my brother and me. My parents use the other one. In one corner of my room is my bed and in the other corner is my brother's bed. In between the beds is our computer. In front of my bed there is a study table, and next to the study table there is a drawers where we keep our clothes. On the top of the drawers I keep my toys and my pictures of my family.

The best thing I like about our room is the glowing stars on the ceiling. When I go to sleep I stare at the stars and think of the school. I could see the view of city of Hollywood from my bed. I also could sea the Hollywood sign from my bed.

What I don't like about my room is that at night when I go to sleep helicopters keep on passing by making noises.

I could hear the noise very clearly because I live on the 4th floor in the apartment building and it bothers me. When I live in the 4th floor in the building I could hear curtain kinds of loud noises and songs from down stairs.

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