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Have you ever held a gun before? If you have, then you know the power/respect feeling that you get with it. That is if you are the only one with the gun. But if you know that they all have guns and are coming for you, your gun feels useless. Sometimes you don't know where they are coming from. Sometimes you don't know where they're hiding. Maybe they are watching you right now. Who knows? They could be behind the dead oak tree aiming right at you. They are ready, and they are waiting for you to face them, so they can turn your chest red. This was all going through my head when I was playing one on five in paint ball.

It was a cold day in March. The ground was covered in iced mud and brown snow from the footprints of the past games. We had already played two team versus team games.

It was time to choose something new. People starting throwing around ideas like "Every Man For Himself", and so on. I said, "How about one on five?" They all thought I was kidding. I stood up and said "You all against me." They agreed. We were always in the mood for hunting.

I went to the West side of the field, they went to the East side. The field is a small wooded valley with a creek down the middle. Although frozen now, it is usually three to four feet deep. They waited for me to fire the ready shot up in the air, and I did. I could see them slitting up. Three people went up the hill and two went up in the woods. So, I went to the woods. I could feel the intensity of not knowing when someone will shout, "There he is!" Then start blasting at my shadow. Just the fear of being ganged up on gave me my fix of adrenaline for the day.

I could see Fulton's slow body shaking every branch he walked by. I hear Andy's walkie talkie beeping from keeping in contact with the other side. They both always gave away their positions. I had no idea where Day was hiding. He always seems to sneak up on his targets and snipe them. It was then that I decided to go after Fulton. I could already tell this was going to be a great fight.

Fulton was always the easiest target. He is just a goofy slow hillbilly. I decided to move up a few yards and dig myself a pillbox behind a dead tree. I waited to hear the tree twigs breaking from their footsteps then I opened fire upon them. I took a few shots to fly by Fulton before he reacted. He reacted too slow this time again. By the time he ducked he had already been shot twice. With Fulton gone, my odds seem to be getting better. But, I knew in the back of my head that the others heard the shots and will be making their way over here soon.

I ducked down while Andy started firing. I was just hoping a paint ball wouldn't sneak through the small hole by my legs and get me. I waited for his fire to pause then I got on stomach and let the bush he was behind know what a paint ball feels like. I was hoping one would get through the branches and clip his chest. After a few rounds of back and fourth firing, I realized I was just wasting my paint. I became compelled to stand up and run towards him. He would not be expecting it. He wasn't. He didn't realize what I was doing until I was five feet from him yelling, "Do you give up!?" He looked at me with this pitiful face and said, "Yeah." By now, the others were behind me. I could hear them saying, "You go up there and I'll go up here." I could see Day in his cubby hole just waiting for me. I thought to myself, "There is only one way out. It's through the creek." I thought about that for a good two seconds, then split.

I could hear the paint balls whizzing past my mask. The paint was splattering on the iced creek turning the snow purple, red, and orange. I was just praying that I would not slip and become a deer in headlights for those fools. I hopped up onto some land only to see that I had a purple splatter on by arm.

I had been shot, but it was amazing. Because of the thrill of it all and acting on sheer adrenaline, I did not feel the ball hit me nor did I hear the others screaming to me that I was out. I was so overpowered by all that happened, I could do nothing but laugh. I actually felt that I was in a war. I felt I was the last one left. I was keeping the team alive. I was creating a battle in my head as all this was happening. But it was all just another dream going through my head when I get caught up in paint ball.

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