Affirmative Action

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Why is That? Last November, all my friends at Fryeburg Academy were applying for college and sending in their applications. It was a great deal for everyone that month and the months that followed. My roommate, Greg, as well as Soungmein, a student from North Korea, were applying to the University of Virginia. Both were very good students. Greg's application displayed his 3.5 GPA, his 1320 SAT's, his four seasons of soccer and lacrosse, and his membership in the spanish club for three years. Soungmein had the same GPA of 3.5, but with a 1270 SAT's, and only two years of lacrosse. Both students had attended Fryeburg Academy for all four years of high school.

Weeks after sending in their applications, they both received their letters from UVA which informed Soungmein's acceptance and Greg's rejection. Now this is a prime example of what goes on across the United States with college acceptances.

My question is, why did Sougmein get admitted and not Greg? Greg had a better academic career, not by much, but definitely more impressive. I believe the answer is affirmative action. Is this fair to students like Greg? Is this fair to all minority students? Many people across the United States strongly disagree about this topic. If two students have the same grades and test scores, should one get accepted over the other because of their race or ethnic background? To begin, affirmative action is the nation's attempt to make up for its long history Davis 2 of racial and sexual discrimination. Affirmative action gives minorities and women special consideration in employment, and in this case education, because of the discrimination they once suffered in the past. In my eyes, I see this as basically a way of apologizing for what has happened to them...