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General Purpose: To convince Specific Purpose: To convince my audience that chewing tobacco is a very harmful product.

INTRODUCTION Capture I. Gregory Davis' last words before he passed away were " Don't dip snuff", Gregory Was 23.

Motivate II. Over 20,000 people between the ages of 16-25, died from the effects of Chew in 00'.

A. Chewing tobacco contains some of the same chemicals found in nuclear bombs.

B. Mouth cancer causes doctors to remove parts of your tongue, jaw, and lips.

C. The tiny glass pieces in chew rot away your gums, which in return leaves your teeth's roots showing.

Assert III. Improve your chances of living by saying no to Chew.

Preview IV. Lets look at 3 reasons why no one should ever take dip of cancer in a can.

A. It causes numerous types of painful cancer.

B. It's a more costly habit than a pack a day of smokes.

C. It is terrible for your teeth.

Body Point I I. Many types of cancer are linked to chewing tobacco A. The cancer is caused by sharp pieces in chew cutting your lip, and letting Chemicals into your bloodstream.

B. Chew can cause tumors that range from your stomach to your brain.

C. There are some cases when people have lost up to 50% of their face from the tumors.

Point II II. Your paying up to $4.50 for something that tastes like your taking a dip of Fecal Matter.

A. The $1642 yearly cost a can a day dwarfs the $1277 yearly cost of smoking.

1. If a can a day user, put his/her money in savings instead of chew he/she would have $32,850.

2. That $32,850 is enough to buy a 2001 Nissan Maxima fully loaded.

B. The chemicals in chew cause you breath to stink, and your teeth turn yellow and soon fall out.

Point III III. Chew is the major reason why many peoples teeth fall out.

A. Show posters of people who chew.

B. Show teeth of a chewing tobacco user.

CONLUSION Action I. You will live and not turn out like 23 year old Gregory.

II. You will not have many serious problems such as cancer, bad teeth and breath.

III. You will save a large amount of money

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