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~Abortion~ My fellow classmates: You all probably believe that abortion should be illegal. That's what your parents have taught you and you have seen protesters have fight for on TV. I feel it is o.k. to have your individual opinion, but I would like to give you something to think about.

Many groups and pro-life organizations believe that abortion is murder. The Webster's Dictionary defines murder as putting an end to. What are you ending for this child?? A life centered around a foster home, a life living on the streets, a life of physical and mental disabilities, and many other difficult life-styles. Everyone always wants the best for their children, so what would you do? There are always the circumstances where a total stranger, or even your own family member rapes you. Why should you take care of a kid that isn't yours by choice?? You've already gone through enough physical and emotional trauma and pain, why add a kid to the picture?? There are also those thousands of people who do drugs, party, and get pregnant.

Personally, I'd rather them get an abortion, then have to watch their child suffer and have disabilities that the drugs and alcohol caused.

Citizens paychecks are being given over to the babies that have to be hospitalized due to their addiction to alcohol, drugs, and those infected with the HIV and AIDS disease. Are you willing to give up your pay to the mistakes of those women for 18 years or longer? You hard earned money is used to pay for the child's physiactric treatment, addictions, and hospital care? Why should the child have to be restrained to a wheelchair or have a life of handicaps? Is that a fair life? It would be better for the child, and you,

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