Abigail Adams: An American Woman

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Akers, Charles W. Abigail Adams: An American Woman, Second Edition. New York: Longman, 2000.

In Abigail Adams: An American Woman, Charles W. Akers' goal is to inform readers of Abigail Adams' life and her influence on her family's life. Throughout her life she showed by example how an American woman during the mid-to-late eighteenth century could assume a role in a marriage equal to that of her husband. She was able to realize the differences in the roles that women assumed in the new colonies of America as compared to those of her counterparts in Europe. She also was a leading pioneer in defining the role of the American woman in the period following the Revolutionary War. The influence that she had on her husband and children was apparent. Her dedication to her new country was strong as she put America above all else save God.

She used her understanding of human behavior to guide her husband's political thoughts into a powerful force during a time of change and discovery. She was the good woman behind the good man. The wife of our second President and the mother of our sixth, she was always outspoken and constantly the socialite. She was not the typical woman of the times by any means, and she paved the way for the women of today. As her son, John Quincy Adams, so adequately put, "Her life gave the lie to every libel on her sex that was ever written." In Abigail Adams: An American Woman, the author, Charles W. Akers, set out to show how Abigail Adams influenced our country as a whole. He had a great primary source from which to draw his conclusions from, as Abigail Adams recorded her life through letters and correspondence to those...

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