12 Angry Men

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English 514 Adam Moss Twelve Angry Men In order to prove the doubt of a murder, of course there will have to be more than one point.

In the play Twelve Angry men I had my doubts believing this boy's guilt for the next three main reasons that juror 8 has rooted out.

In this play there was many testimonies, none supplied more evidence towards the kids guilt than the old man's.

The old man swore under oath that he had heard the boy scream " I'm gonna kill you ", then he heard the body fall. He ran to the door just in time to see the boy scampering down the stairs. Juror 8 then cuts down the old man's testimony. The juror than points out that the old man is actually really old and need the help of 2 canes to walk.' Who walks with a pair of canes to get to thew front door in 15 seconds.

In reality theirs no way that he could have got there that fast. " 39 seconds, 39 ". He also claims that he heard the boy yell and the body fall but we also find out the el train passed at the same time of the murder. Does this not prevent one from hearing anything else but the train? " An el train takes ten seconds to pass a certain point, that el train had to be going by the old man's window for at least six seconds, It's not possible that he could have heard it".

He also stated that he saw the boy running down the he could see the boy due to the terrible lighting in the building. " The police were using flashlights ". The old man's testimony was useless and not helpful.

People do make...

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